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Status of Algae Biofuel Industry at Philippines 13

Why Phillipines?

Philippines is one country which does a lot of work in biotech industry, specifically in agricultural biotechnology. The Philippines was the first country in Asia to approve the commercial cultivation of a genetically-modified Bt corn variety in December 2002. The country has so far approved 41 varieties of genetically-modified plants for use in the country. In the Philippines, There are several research institutions which work on developing transgenic crops for food. Some notable institutes are:

? The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
? The National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (BIOTECH), Los Banos
? The Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice)
? The Institute of Plant Breeding, University of The Philippines Los Banos

Philippines also have an interesting biodiesel production history. Unlike other countries which rely on jatropha or animal fat for biodiesel, Philippines uses coconut oil for biodiesel production. The Philippines is the first nation to produce and use coconut-derived biodiesel, also known as coco-biodiesel. On May 2006, Asia's biggest coco-biodiesel plant with a capacity of 60 million liters was opened by Chemrez Inc.

Since May, 2007, the country has been implementing a mandatory one-percent blend (B1) of coconut biodiesel with all petroleum diesel sold within its borders.
Apart from this, under the biofuels act of 2006 the country has implied a mandate of 1% biodiesel in diesel and 5% ethanol in gasoline by 2009.

Are there any work done on algae biodiesel so far?

Yes, but not much. The Philippine National Oil Company ? Alternative Fuels Corporation (PNOC-AFC) was formerly known as the PNOC Petrochemical Development Corporation until its Articles of Incorporation was amended on July 13, 2006. Its mandate is to explore, develop and accelerate the utilization and commercialization of alternative fuels in the country.

According to news releases, The organization has taken some initiatives and had contacted an US-based firm engaged in algae technology on how to derive and market bio diesel from algae.

PNOC president and CEO Peter Anthony A. Abaya has noted the development and eventual commercialization of bio fuels from algae is part of PNOC-AFC's medium-term plan. According to him, the US-based firm has a technology that mass produces algae from which the primary vegetable oil product is extracted. The oil is then refined into a cost-effective, non-polluting diesel bio fuel.

The current section on algae fuels project in PNOC website (http://www.pnoc-afc.com.ph/biodiesel/algae.html) does not have any information on their project plans. The section is under construction. Hopefully, PNOC will update its website soon and we might have a better understanding then.

So, As of now I don't see any major efforts taken for algae biofuels in this particular country. If you know of any such efforts in philippines, please don't forget to post it here..
Wed June 23 2010 12:06:15 PM by Parkavi 5915 views

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  • Ldvitug wrote:
    Tue December 21 2010 01:45:38 PM

    Hi Parvakavi
    Im very surprise by your post about my country. You are right about the status of the Philippines with regards to algae as biofuel. I'm now one of advocates of these premise "Using Algae as Biofuel".  I'm now researching about these fantastic aquatic organisms. I believe that the Philippines has a potential since it has a center for marine and freshwater biodiversity. The Philippine is now lacking behind other countries especially in Asia with regards to research in microalgal biotechnology and biofuel. Thank you for the interesting blog.

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  • Parkavi wrote:
    Wed December 22 2010 11:42:25 AM

    All the very best for your research. I hope you will find it fascinating.

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  • Thu November 15 2012 06:57:09 PM

    Hi! I'm also from the Philippines. Can you give me a link to where I can find a complete list of Alagae types present here in our country. Im currently doing a research about algae as biodiesel. Thank you! I'm just starting with it so your help will be very much appreciated.

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