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Fungi is on the race... 9

In a recently released study by Spanish researchers in the Department of Chemical and Environmental Technology, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid and the Departamento de Gentica y Microbiology, Universidad de Murcia, Murcia, there is the proposal to use fungus to manufacture biodiesel. The fungus Mucor Circinelloides is identified as being a good candidate to produce biodiesel lipids as it can easily grow in industrial vats and does not compete with food resources. The recommendation is to genetically modify the fungus to increase its lipid production, with the added benefit that it can also be used as an animal feed.
Fri June 18 2010 01:27:06 PM by Parkavi 1807 views

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  • Narsi wrote:
    Fri June 18 2010 04:55:28 PM

    Well, i keep reading about getting oil out of fungus and bacteria....but is this a good idea? Are there fungi and bacteria that actually have good oil content? If no, I guess everyone is relying on genetic engineering to deliver the goods...

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  • Sat June 19 2010 03:11:26 AM

    Parkavi, do you have any more info on the fungus
    blog? Like a web site?
    GM is OK....mother nature is doing it all the time, it's called evolution.

    Alan Schaefer

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  • Parkavi wrote:
    Sat June 19 2010 06:26:50 AM

    The full paper is published in the journal, Energy and Fuels - http://pubs.acs.org/stoken/presspac/presspac/full/10.1021/ef9015872#references

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  • Vign2211 wrote:
    Sat June 19 2010 03:21:18 PM

    well i have doubt whether the fungi is producing lipids in its own body or it secretes enzyme which converts which converts industrial wastes to lipids.Well this is indeed a great finding.

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  • Abomohra wrote:
    Sun June 20 2010 03:22:50 PM

    Hi everybody,

    According to my knowledge, there are not fungi known to produce high amount of lipids. Mycologists search about this fungi. Also they study how can they convert oils to biodiesel using fungi. I have posted this article on my Blog, you can find it and download the full article from this link:


    But from my point of view, algae have superiority because they also clean the environment.

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  • Parkavi wrote:
    Mon June 21 2010 03:48:14 AM

    @ Vign2211

    It looks like the fungi accumulates lipids in its biomass which is directly transesterified (acid-catalyzed direct transformation) using methanol chloroform mixture

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  • Parkavi wrote:
    Mon June 21 2010 03:52:36 AM

    @ Abomohra

    What you said is true! The research paper reports a yield of 20% of oil whereas, with algae 50 - 60% is achievable.

    Besides they have used glucose as carbon source for growing this fungi but algae can use CO2 as carbon source.

    I also have the same opinion that algae are superior.

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  • Veronica wrote:
    Fri July 02 2010 03:53:45 AM

    Interesting .

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