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Study on Astaxanthin Market

In the recent years, there has been a shift of trend towards use of natural ingredients in various forms of food nutrients in cosmetics and nutraceutical industry. Growing demand for cosmetics and personal care products is expected to increase the consumption of astaxanthin, thus driving the global astaxanthin market over the forecast period.

Fri March 31 2017 11:40:47 AM by Narsi

Hydrogen production: This is how green algae assemble their enzymes

Researchers have analyzed how green algae manufacture complex components of a hydrogen-producing enzyme. The enzyme, known as the hydrogenase, may be relevant for the biotechnological production of hydrogen.

Fri March 31 2017 11:38:25 AM by Narsi

Algae.Tec Launches Innovative Algae-Based Products

Algae.Tec Ltd has launched its Alganics range of products at the Supply Side West 2016 show in Las Vegas, considered the world’s leading nutraceutical ingredient and solutions tradeshow.

The launch of the Alganics range of products was in conjunction with the company’s major customer, Gencor Pacific, a health supplements and nutraceutical company. Recently, Algae.Tec signed an agreement to give Gencor the exclusive rights to buy all of the algae oil and powders produced by the Algae.Tec plant in Georgia, U.S. for nutraceutical applications.

Fri March 31 2017 11:36:30 AM by Narsi

Compound found in seafood, algae 'activates' longevity gene


University of Hawaii researchers are touting a potential breakthrough in the study of aging.

UH researchers and a local business teamed up to find out if a natural compound could affect the so-called "longevity gene" in mice.

And their results showed promise.

Fri March 31 2017 11:32:47 AM by Narsi

All News about Algae is about Menace

Just thought it'd be a good idea to see what news comes on top when I type in the key word "Algae" in Google News search. Funny, almost all the top 20 news items (and possibly more as well, did not have the patience to check!) were about harmful algae choking rivers, damaging the ecosystem and poisonous algae even harming humans...see for yourself here - Google News Search for Algae .

Rather than being concerned, I am wondering, is there a positive in this? If there is so much algae that people are worried about, isn't just a question of removing them at low cost, and these "harmful algae blooms" suddenly change into useful algal biomass. Ok, we might not be able to get oil out of it, but biomass in any form is useful as well - for animal feed, as fertilizer and as a feedstock for cellulosic ethanol or thermochemical-process based hydrocarbon production

What are your thoughts on this?
Sun September 05 2010 04:13:19 PM by Narsi 1 harmful algae  |  algal blooms

Seaweed extract to cure pimples

Seaweed extract can kill pimples - An active ingredient from a brown seaweed, off the coast of Brittany, may help kill pimples and oily skin. Hoisted up from the seabed and converted into an extract for acne treatment, it goes on sale across Britain.


While the algae fuel researchers are waiting for the breakthrough, perhaps they can try these kinds of avenues to keep the revenues and motivation high
Sun September 05 2010 04:04:37 PM by Narsi 13 algae medicine  |  cosmetics from algae  |  seaweed

Michigan Researchers Turn Wet Algae into Biodiesel

This has been something we have been researching at Oilgae as well - doing away with the drying part for WAB (wet algae biomass)...listen to this:

"University of Michigan scientists have published a paper on a two-step hydrolysis-solvolysis process that eliminates costly biomass drying, organic solvent extraction and catalysts:

In the first step, wet algal biomass contained 80 percent moisture and was reacted with subcritical water to hydrolyze intracellular lipids, conglomerate cells into an easily filterable solid that retained the lipids and produced a sterile, nutrient-rich aqueous phase. In the second step, the wet, fatty acid-rich solids underwent supercritical transesterification with ethanol to produce fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEEs). The team used Chlorella vulgaris algae, which contained 53.3 percent lipid content."
Source link

Reckon this is still at the research stages...I am very keen on following developments in the wet extracton stuff...it has the potential to cut off one huge cost component - drying...

If any of you know any other resources / ideas / concepts in this regard, will be pleased to hear from you...
Sat September 04 2010 05:00:38 AM by Narsi oil extraction  |  wet extraction

Algae-based CO2 Sequestration at Power Plants

I was wondering if there are members in this club who have done / or are doing work on algae-based CO2 capture at power plants and other large CO2 emitting industries. It is well known that it is a tricky area with a number of stiff challenges, but if we are able to make it happen, it could be really wonderful.

I thought this club might be a good place to kick off interactions and discussions on this important subject.

I am looking forward to members who have some interest/experience in this dropping a note in the comments section.

Have a great day
Fri April 23 2010 10:52:47 AM by Narsi 16 power plants  |  co2 sequestration

Photo-Bioreactor for Algae & Aquaculture Using Recycled Bottles

This instructable will show you how to construct and maintain a basic bioreactor that can be used to grow all sorts of cool things like algae, brine shrimp, or SeaMonkeys! The Bioreactor also makes an interesting conversation piece to show off to your friends, as well as utilizing discarded plastic bottles.


Very nice!
Sun April 04 2010 06:37:37 AM by Narsi 30 photobioreactors  |  do it yourself  |  cool stuff

Companies following the algae biomass -> Gasification route

I strongly feel that the algal biomass to fuels using the gasification and chemical synthesis route (the thermochemical route) have significant potential.

Can someone provide the prominent companies that are following this route?

I know that the following cos are doing it:

Genifuel - http://www.genifuel.com

Solena - http://www.solenagroup.com
Wed March 31 2010 05:20:49 AM by Narsi 27 algae gasification