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Odyssey's Plan to Sequester CO2 Using Algae 9

A company called Odyssey Oil & Energy Inc. is now keen on the development of green technology, focusing on carbon sequestration and renewable energy. ALG Western Oil (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of Odyssey, is currently operating in a joint venture with Xstrata Alloys, a subsidiary of Xstrata Plc, the world's largest producer of ferrochrome in a project at one of Xstrata's Ferro-chrome smelters near Rustenburg in South Africa. They plan to capture and sequestrate the carbon dioxide emissions to get carbon credits.

Currently, all the carbon monoxide from the ferrochrome smelters is flared to carbon dioxide and released into the atmosphere. In their current pilot plant, they are cultivating a selected algae strain in photo bio-reactors, utilizing the carbon dioxide (CO2) flue gas coming from the exhausts of the generators, (with the aid of sunlight and some nutrients, through the process of photosynthesis) to sequester the environmentally harmful CO2 emissions and produce high value compounds such as vegetable oil, animal feed, etc., The next stage of the project will be on a commercial scale.

See more: www.odysseyoil.net
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  • Manohar wrote:
    Tue April 27 2010 04:36:58 AM

    Is there a method by which i can read more about the topic by clicking " more" or the url.
    Both are unclickable.
    I guess I have to cut and paste the url given above.
    thanks for the url.

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Tue April 27 2010 04:38:40 AM

    Any idea about the costs and the carbon credits earned ?

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