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Genetically Engineered Algae for Biodiesel Production 4

Researchers at the Purdue School of Chemical Engineering along with Iowa State University got a federal fund recently to create genetically engineered algae that would produce environment- friendly biodiesel.The researchers are growing algae in a ?bioreactor' to study specific pathways that would lead to lipid storage. Accumulated lipids will be turned into biodiesel later.

The researchers planned to create a flux map (a method to study Steady-state metabolic flux analysis (MFA)) that would reveal the speed of reactions along many ?metabolic pathways' inside the algae. The researchers will also be developing algae that thrive in higher temperatures which natural algae cannot tolerate, for decontamination purposes. In addition, studies on ?carbon assimilation' which will lead to lipid storage will be conducted.

See the story for details at http://www.purdue.edu/newsroom/research/2010/100413MorganAlgae.html
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