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Algae business opportunities 8

National Algae Association has two requests.

One is for a bioreactor tech and feedstock development for a pilot scale algae production facility at CA, USA.

The second one is determining the  potential of an integrated wastewater to jet fuel process configuration featuring algae.

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The first request is for a company that can provide bioreactor technology and feedstock development to establish a pilot-scale algae production facility at an ethanol plant in California.  The goal is to evaluate the different production pathways for algae biomass, including anaerobic digestion, fermentation, flash pyrolysis, hydrotreating, and use as animal feed and fertilizer.  Interested in two algae strains:  oil-rich and carbohydrate-rich.


The second project will investigate the potential of an integrated wastewater to jet fuel process configuration featuring algae as the central technology platform.   Strains to be determined.


If you are currently growing algae in closed-loop photobioreactors and are interested in pursuing these opportunities, please submit details on your growing and harvesting capabilities to us no later than October 22, 2010.


For additional information, please contact:
National Algae Association
4747 Research Forest Dr., Suite 180
The Woodlands, Texas 77381



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  • Shankar wrote:
    Sun October 17 2010 10:09:06 AM

    Whatever Oceean front says in her profile is an opportunity by itself.

    " The harvesting of seaweed for cosmetic and health care applications is a multi (b)million dollar industry that is now geographically lopsided, and in the hands of a few distributors (one in the West) who process - needlessly I believe - with cancer causing, costly and combustible hazardous materials. I know that to change that, you don't boycott or make more laws and rules, you simply make a superior product. I have a skin care company and I love seaweed / algae extract. The higher the concentration of algae extract, the quicker it, with skin, co-mends acne, discoloration, BURNS and more.

    I've worked with top shelf products and nothing patented in a lab comes close to simple algae oil. It amazed me so much, it's the reason I began a skin care company. Plus, a seaweed industry would really boost my little fishing town.

    I'm excited for the possibilities.

    I'm currently using chlorophyl-rich tamanu oil as a place holder until I can successfully produce algae extract in good amounts.

    Problem is, I only use steam or cold press extracted organic or wildcrafted oils.

    So I'm doing what I'm told is a fool's errand - extracting algae oil from seaweed without solvents or otherwise hazardous byproduct. This task has troubled greater intellects than mine, but I "press" on.

    Current ideal setup: seaweed is mostly dried or freeze dried then pressed in a fancy oil press [update - or just processed with ultrasound?]. The seaweed and any runoff is placed in a large commercial still, electrically heated and connected to wind power to minimize cost, plus a backup power source.

    The main challenge is bursting the cell walls without damaging the plasma or aging it pre stilling. "

    Looks like these are good opportunities too.
    Is there an idea of the market size ?

    Are there perfected processes !?

    What are the big names in these businesses ?

    What are the other such products/ uses of algae and algae co products of high value ?

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