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Like Farming 1

Jason Pyle, CEO of Gates-backed Sapphire Energy in San Diego, says the challenges of algae are like those in farming: increasing yields and protecting crops from pests. Sapphire plans to build a 300-acre (120-hectare) plant in New Mexico, which will be completed in 2013. The company says it?s a first step toward producing 1 billion gallons of diesel and jet fuel by 2025.

?These are large projects and take enormous amounts of time and capital,? Pyle, 38, says.
Mon June 07 2010 02:29:58 AM by Manohar 1428 views

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  • Fri July 02 2010 04:30:54 AM

    Yes. it is like farming only. We dont know which strain will work where and what pests will contaminate when.

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