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Krupali's Notes

The gold dust twins of advanced biofuels, Jonathan Wolfson and Harrison Dillon at Solazyme have been working nearly a decade on their Solazyme brainchild and ran the gamut on ways to grow algae before settling on their 'grow in the dark' strategy. KRUPALI - 10 years ago

Paul Woods, who has shepherded Algenol Biofuels from a little-known start-up to near household-recognition status within biofuels, landing a signature partnership with Dow and a massive grant from DOE for its unique algae-to-ethanol process. KRUPALI - 10 years ago

Dr. Venter is turning from reading the genetic code to an even more audacious goal: writing it. !! - 10 years ago

"When you get to economics, you have to ask how one values carbon" - 10 years ago

Companies that rely on photosynthesis exclusively to grow algae are being overly optimistic on the amount of land that's required. - 10 years ago