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Algae Growth

Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc. and BioProcess Algae LLC announced plans for Phase II of its Grower Harvester (TM) algae project located at Green Plains"s Shenandoah ethanol plant.
During Phase I, BioProcessAlgae had successfully demonstrated the scalability of the technology with a 40 times increase in growing volume from bench scale reactors to an industrial setting at their ethanol plant in Shenandoah, Iowa.
Phase II will build on Phase I efforts to optimize growth of algae in their reactors through improved utilization of light, more efficient carbon dioxide absorption and enhanced dewatering and water re-use.
Shenandoah, is the epicenter of algae, said Burns the CEO.
Thu July 22 2010 02:31:02 PM by Krupali algae  |  bioreactor 1593 views
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