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Any news on Jet Biofuel? 3

In June 2009 I was excited to read that Biofuels got a much-deserved PR push after a Continental Airlines flight flew biofuels solely, with about 2% algae oil.Continental's biofuel blend yielded a 1.1% increase in fuel efficiency over traditional jet fuels, and more impressively, cut carbon emissions by 60% to 80%
But what progress has been made after that?
Sapphire and Terasol have to give us the answer.
Tue July 20 2010 03:24:54 AM by Krupali Sapphire  |  Terasol  |  algae fuel 1254 views

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  • Shankar wrote:
    Tue July 20 2010 03:49:46 AM

    Many airlines have set a target to reduce their, 2005, CO2 emissions by half by the year 2012 or 2013, am not sure.
    That is why you will find that there are a lot of research being done by different airlines, using algae, other bio fuels, etc.,

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  • Veronica wrote:
    Tue July 20 2010 04:11:42 AM

    I just read in yesterdays papers that British Airways that is running under severe loss is trying to comply to the above said norms that the airlines industry has accepted to. That is to bring down the CO2 emissions from 2005 level, 50 % down by 2013.

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Tue July 20 2010 05:25:11 AM

    The U.S. Navy is 1,500 gallons closer to its goal to operate half of its fleet with renewable fuel by 2020.

    The US Navy had received a batch of algae-based jet fuel from Solazyme Inc., .
    You asked about jet fuel and am giving you latest info on NAVY.

    Solazyme won the contract with the Defense Department in September 2009 and confirmed that it met all of the Navy?s rigorous quality requirements after testing the fuel in an independent laboratory. The company is not disclosing the value of the contract.

    Dubbed Solajet HRJ-5, the fuel supposedly results in an 85% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional fossil fuels, as per Solazyme.
    The good news is it is theoretically possible to
    run airlines and navy using algae oil.

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