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Algae nova is right. There is no one to fend for us. We need to save ourselves.

Algae to oil is all our eyes are on.

But the world may reach a stage where we may need 

algae for carbon capture and storage from the power plants.

Here is a forum http://www.powerplantccs.com/forum/ for discussing that.

When you are there you may not be pretty familiar with terms like 

biomass co firing, biochar, briquetting, carbon credits, carbon accounting etc., 

You can perhaps visit http://www.powerplantccs.com/ref/glos/

This is the glossary section of the site powerplantccs

Wed March 16 2011 10:55:15 PM by Krupali 33 powerplantccs  |  glossary  |  forum

Richard Branson on Algae !?

I came across this radio / BBC site about richard branson and algae.I have always been fascinated by Richard Branson.I am not able to get the accent perhaps due to the poor connectivity I have.
Can some one give me gist of what he is saying ?Or if someone has a transcript of this speech/ discussionit will be great.Is it about his personal investment in Solazyme or about algae energy in general ?

Sat September 18 2010 07:48:20 AM by Krupali Richard branson  |  algae

Indian Seaweed gains Recognition

A process breakthrough of extracting world-class Agarose a gelatinous substance from Gracilaria dura, a seaweed mostly found on Gujarat coast has burst the global myth that Indian seaweeds are poor in quality and productivity. And, yet again it is the scientists at central salt and marine chemicals research
The quality was found to be at par with agarose available in the market and it would be cheaper once the cultivation is scaled up. The other applications of agarose are in the field of molecular biology, electrophoresis, cell culture works in R&D labs, pharma and biotech industries world institute (CSMCRI) here who have achieved the feat. over,
The patent on the process breakthrough has been filed in India. Moreover, efforts are underway to cultivate this algae in fields using raft method.
Wed August 11 2010 08:23:17 AM by Krupali algae  |  seaweed  |  India

Omega 3 oil 100% safe

Fish oil capsules have not been popular with al due to their fishy smell and also the fear that the fish used for extracting oilmay have been contaminated by ocean pollution.
This purity is especially valuable now. The massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico not only adds petroleum to the sea water, but the chemical dispersants used to fight oil spills may cause equal contamination. These concerns are now added to long-standing concern about mercury pollution, which are as critical as ever.
Even infants can take this;it also has no allergens.
Tue August 10 2010 07:10:13 AM by Krupali 5 algae  |  omega3

Algae Growth

Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc. and BioProcess Algae LLC announced plans for Phase II of its Grower Harvester (TM) algae project located at Green Plains"s Shenandoah ethanol plant.
During Phase I, BioProcessAlgae had successfully demonstrated the scalability of the technology with a 40 times increase in growing volume from bench scale reactors to an industrial setting at their ethanol plant in Shenandoah, Iowa.
Phase II will build on Phase I efforts to optimize growth of algae in their reactors through improved utilization of light, more efficient carbon dioxide absorption and enhanced dewatering and water re-use.
Shenandoah, is the epicenter of algae, said Burns the CEO.
Thu July 22 2010 02:31:02 PM by Krupali algae  |  bioreactor

Digital Imaging aids Research

I know how important technical advancements aid research.The improved imaging by Fluid Imaging will enable critical study of algae.

Fluid Imaging is providing a FlowCAM? imaging particle analysis instrument to the Lone Star Biotechnology Institute, part of the Lone Star Community College in Texas, on the college?s algae-to-biofuel research program which will permit them to accurately monitor algae growth in a bioreactor.

The FlowCAM takes hundreds of high-resolution, digital images of individual algae cells in a discrete sample or a continuous flow in seconds, providing data on up to 30 parameters, including count, size, shape, concentration and lipid content. All images and data are then saved for further analysis using proprietary image management software.

According to Fluid Imaging?s CEO, Kent Peterson, the FlowCAM was introduced to the emerging algae-to-biofuel market about two years ago, and has been used for algae photo-bioreactor and open pond performance analysis at other organizations.
Wed July 21 2010 05:10:20 AM by Krupali 1 Fluid Imaging  |  FlowCAM  |  algae research

Any news on Jet Biofuel?

In June 2009 I was excited to read that Biofuels got a much-deserved PR push after a Continental Airlines flight flew biofuels solely, with about 2% algae oil.Continental's biofuel blend yielded a 1.1% increase in fuel efficiency over traditional jet fuels, and more impressively, cut carbon emissions by 60% to 80%
But what progress has been made after that?
Sapphire and Terasol have to give us the answer.
Tue July 20 2010 03:24:54 AM by Krupali 3 Sapphire  |  Terasol  |  algae fuel

Exxon's progress in Algae biofuel

ExxonMobil Corporation, an international oil and gas company, and Synthetic Genomics Inc, engaged in developing and commercializing genomic-driven solutions, has jointly announced the inauguration of a greenhouse facility to facilitate the next level of research and trials for their algae biofuels program.
Tue July 20 2010 03:08:48 AM by Krupali Exxonmobil  |  syntheic genomics

Harvesting of microalgae !

Harvesting microalgae is still a challenge.
Due to their small size and low concentration in the culture medium, cost efficient harvesting is difficult.
Here are results of some research done in Belgium.
They are results of Flocculation based methods.

just click here
Mon July 12 2010 06:34:23 AM by Krupali 2 flocculation based harvesting

Dewatering, drying and extraction - a new Patent !!

Currently, most of the proposed methods in the biofuels-from-algae space require the extraction of immobilized oil from algal biomass.

However, regardless of the oil extraction technique used, and some are more efficient than others, getting to the oil is usually very expensive in terms of capital and energy costs.

In some instances, the amount of energy consumed to extract the oil can actually exceed the energy value of the end product.

Uniteltech's new patented processm as per them involves minimal dewatering, and completely bypasses the energy intensive drying and oil extraction steps.

Can someone give me the url of their patent or more idea of the patent. I am excited.
I couldnt get much from their site.
More http://www.financialpost.com/markets/news/Biojet Fuel from Algae Unitel Technology Overcomes Major Problem Facing Algal Biofuels Industry/3257293/story.html
Fri July 09 2010 10:47:08 PM by Krupali 4 Dewatering  |  drying and extraction - a new Patent