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Tryglyceride content in Chlorella sp. 4

can anybody suggest me , how to find triglyceride and phospholipid content from extarcted algal oil
Mon May 17 2010 10:16:44 AM by Indresh 1386 views

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  • DanielaRA wrote:
    Mon May 17 2010 01:15:03 PM

    There are different methods that you can use to extract specifically polar lipids (phospholipids) and triglycerides (non-polar lipids)if you want to determine the amount of each in your algae. One method you could use to differentiate between polar and non-polar lipids is Thin Layer Chromotography or TLC. You need to probably talk to your professor and find out what instruments are available in your lab. Also, if you want to determine the amount of Free Fatty Acids (FFA) you should do a titration.
    Also, if you are trying to deterime the carbon chain lenghts in your oil sample, you'll need to perform transesterification first to cleave the fatty acids from the glycerice and turn them into Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAMEs) - which is esentailly biodiesel - then use a gas chromotographer. Good luck.

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  • Indresh wrote:
    Wed May 19 2010 08:05:56 AM

    hi, DanielaRA
    In extraction method also we canot measure exact quantity of TAGs, because sterols,higher carbon chain,pigments such many copmpuonds are also getting extracted in non-polar phase, they will contribute to weight. we have GC-MS/FID. for FFA amount u mean to say Acid value?
    pls reply.

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