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Emily's Notes

Brown algae helps skin buffer itself against pollution and general wear and tear, while other seaweed extracts rich in essential fatty acids, including chlorella, provide skin with healing, moisturising oil. Telegraph uk 25 oct. - 10 years ago

When the petroleum prices go up, venture funding will go up on oilgae business. The time is not far away. - 10 years ago

The problem for many biofuels companies has been the steady decline in petroleum prices, which make costlier alternatives much less attractive. - 10 years ago

The present productivity of penicillin synthesis by fungi is 5000 times as high as it was 50 years ago. - 10 years ago

Cereplast expects to complete the development of its breakthrough technology for new algae-based resins and offer a first grade of Cereplast Algae Plastics? for commercial use by end of 2010 - 10 years ago