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60 times more oil from algae at low cost !! Posted by Emily on Wed July 21 2010 01:26:28 PM 62

Hideki Kanda, a japanese scientist has developed a method using DME, liquified Dimethyl Ether, to extract oil from blue - green algae at room temperature.

His method takes advantage of the mixing ablility of DME with water and oil.

DME can dewater blue-green algae and extract oils from it concurrently at room temperature, the amount of energy required for dewatering and drying can be reduced drastically when compared to conventional methods.
With no organic solvents required for extraction, the process can be a low-cost and environment-friendly method of extraction.

CRIEPI, a japanese organisation where Hideki Kanda, is the chief scientist, has successfully extracted over 60 times more green crude oil (based on the dry blue-green algae weight) in its experiments than traditional methods.

Isnt that amazing !!