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Bio-lipidos/ AEE to start $10 m algae fuel plant, PeurtoRico 3

Bio-Lipidos and utility AEE have joined towards producing clean fuel from the marine micro-algae found in tropical waters. Puerto Rico will soon be having a plant for generating clean fuel from marine micro-algae. This biofuel plant is algae-based and will be constructed in the northern region of Puerto Rico.
The Electric Power Authority (AEE) and Bio-L?pidos have announced a USD 10 million investment to build a plant to produce clean fuel from tropical marine microalgae.

According to  Miguel Cordero, executive director of the AEE, the factory will give a "solution for future problems in Puerto Rico."
"The goal is to produce fuel to generate energy in Puerto Rico. We have the knowledge and skills, but previously lacked the desire to do so," said the businessman.
The plant will be built in an area roughly eight million square metres in size, to be located in Dorado and Toa Baja, on the north coast of the country, reports the EFE news agency.
Cordero expects that the new facility will produce around six million litres of fuel during its first year of activity.
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