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Sapphire among five major biofuels - Andrea Marino 4

Andrea Marino  writes in energy digital and rates Sapphire energy as one of the top five biofuel companies and the only algae to biofuel company as per him.
ARF, Bluefire, Cosan and Coskatta are the other companies listed by him.
What Andrea Marino  says about Sapphire is nothing new.
Sapphire Energy is a critical element to the biofuels industry. 

The company has been responsible for the development of breakthrough technologies for producing fungible, drop-in transportation fuels. 
The company produces 91-octane gasoline, 89-cetane diesel and jet fuel?all from a mixture of algae, sunlight and carbon dioxide (CO2)?known as, 'Green Crude.'
 According to a statement made by Sapphire Energy, "Our approach leverages the same industrial refining processes as current crude oil, yielding ?drop-in? replacement transportation fuels that meet ASTM standards for gasoline, jet fuel and diesel and that are environmentally sound, cost effective and scalable."
Sapphire Energy has been in existence since 2007 and now operates in San Diego and Orange County, California, as well as in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
 The company believes, "From the start, our goal has been ambitious: to become the world?s leading producer of renewable fuels and petrochemical products.
 We?re on the right track and all indications support that.
 We believe that through the application of vision and technology, we have found a better way to achieve energy independence and minimize greenhouse gas emissions."
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