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A New Type of Chlorophyll Discovered After 60 Years of Research 2

An interdisciplinary team of scientists discover a new form of Chlorophyll which could lead to new developments of new methods to produce biofuels. The team had a group of scientists

- Dr Martin Schliep and Dr Zhengli Cai (University of Sydney, Australia)
- Associate Professor Robert Willows (Macquarie University, Australia);
- Professor Brett Neilan (University of New South Wales, Australia)
- Professor Hugo Scheer (University of Munich, Germany)

These scientists have worked together and characterized the absorption properties and chemical structure of chlorophyll f, making it the fifth known type of chlorophyll molecule on Earth. Believe it or not, many scientists have been researching on this for over 60 years now.

more http://www.oilgae.com/blog/2010/08/a-new-type-of-chlorophyll-discovered-after-60-years-of-research.html

Mon August 30 2010 11:27:53 PM by Amanda chlorophyll  |  Dr Martin Schliep and Dr Zhengli Cai 2019 views

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  • Richard wrote:
    Mon August 30 2010 11:38:18 PM

    I am impressed with what Prof John Clark Lagarias, University of California, Davis,
    has to say.

    "Oxygen-producing cyanobacteria can harvest energy from near-infrared light using chlorophyll d"

    Chlorophyll f excites me too - Richard Spyros

    Lagarias is excited by the potential discovery, and believes that if it's true it provides a second example of a red-shifted-chlorophyll-containing organism, he says. "We don't know for sure that it's used for photosynthesis, but we know it's absorbing light and it's likely to be involved in photosynthetic apparatus somehow. It could be a bona fide new form of chlorophyll that exists in something living."

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  • Sun September 19 2010 10:39:51 PM

    yet another article on the same thing.

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