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biochemical engineer wanted! 6

hi there,

we are a german start up team, based in munich, having patented a new kind of low cost / high yield photobioreactor.
to extend our team capabilities, we are looking for a biochemical engineer with a good portion of entrepreneurial spirit.

the working package contains prototype testing and developing, analysis of internal processes in the reactor and planning of a scale up pilot facility.

To finance the next research phases we aim to the get into a support program of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. The program is called "Exist - Transfer of Research". The conditions can be seen at: http://www.exist.de/englische_version/index.php

Please send your applications to: michael.fuderer@algaegrowth.de

Our website will be available in English withhin a few days.
Thu May 27 2010 07:14:18 PM by Algaegrowth 1754 views

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Thu May 27 2010 10:41:52 PM

    Hi Algae Growth !
    It will be great if you can mention your true name or nickname in your profile.

    I thought this is a professional networking site, where people from different parts of the world, get to meet.

    That apart, you guys are on to something very very relevant to the algae industry. Be it for the Speciality products or for the commodity product.

    Low cost and high yield PBR. CAn you tell us more about it ?
    Do you think we can do some research for you from India ? It will be low cost !!

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  • Fri May 28 2010 06:22:15 AM

    Hi Manohar, When I created my account I was not aware of the fact, that here are mostly professionals. Now I would love to change my nickname but so far I did not find a possibility. Hofefully one of the admins reads this :D =>

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  • Fri May 28 2010 06:22:33 AM

    About our PBR I can not yet tell too much, because the patent is not yet submitted, but as soon as we are able to, I will post some blueprints, which I would love to be discussed.

    But I can give a short list of what our main issues were, when we did the design of the PBR:

    - easy to maintain and setup
    - passive and active cooling (when needed)
    - constructed by special membranes
    - special medium-flow conditions inside the PBR, which can be adjusted to the needs of the selected strains.
    - reduction of the medium-volumes, which has to be pumped
    - easy cleaning / exchanging of membranes
    - sterilisation of the inside PBR
    - low impact of oxygen poisoning

    In the present stage, where research goes hand in hand with the design optimization of the PBR, we can not think of outsourcing the research, but it could be a good possibility for upcoming tasks.

    Thanks for your reply!

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Fri May 28 2010 11:02:18 PM

    I am very interested in your project Michael Fuderer.
    When you say low cost, what is the price range you are looking at ?
    Are u looking at a specific algae species to grow in Europe or are u building a PBR for any species?

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  • Sat May 29 2010 01:20:23 PM

    The way we designed our PBR allows us to create very good growing conditions for a lot of different species by adjusting many growth-relevant factors.
    We do not aim for the growing of one special species.

    For the prototype testing we will use Nannochloropsis salina , because its a quite tolerant species, which we got know quite good during a long phase of lab work (still a lot of work in the lab to come :D).

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  • Sat August 14 2010 01:39:09 PM

    We are still have some joboffers:
    Please feel free to look them up on our website:


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