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Algae in bioremediation of reservoirs 2

Anyone have thoughts about using living algae concentrate as a method to clean up nutrient stressed or eutrophic reservoirs...
Thu July 15 2010 07:25:29 PM by Algaeforenergy 1409 views

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  • Shankar wrote:
    Fri July 16 2010 02:41:36 AM

    Unique area in bioremediation. Can u elaborate more !

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  • Bhaskarmv wrote:
    Tue July 27 2010 01:53:52 AM

    We use Diatom Algae to consume the nutrients in eutrophic waterways.

    We cause the diatom bloom using our patented nano silica micro nutrient powder - NUALGI.

    Diatoms provide huge amounts of oxygen and they are the natural food for fish. So they do not accumulate in water, unlike cyanobacteria.

    Diatom bloom keeps out cyanobacteria and dinoflagellates and controls growth of aquatic weeds.

    Income from fish will be more than the cost of Nualgi used. So there is no net cost to the user.

    Nualgi has been in use for past 5 years in India.

    Our website is www.kadambari.net

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