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Oscillatory Flow Mixing

I was taken back on reading University of Cambridge researcher Anna Stephenson note that all that energy used when the algae is moved around to get enough sunlight, gives it a carbon footprint of 320 grams per megajoule equivalent of fuel.
But I was reassured to some extent to learn that Cambridge chemical engineer Ben Taylor is reportedly working on a closed reactor consisting of a system of tubes containing baffles to direct water and algae in the most energy-efficient way possible. The New Scientist notes that Taylor?s system uses just 4 percent of the energy consumed by conventional tubular reactors. .
His research is focused on the design and evaluation of an algal oscillatory flow bioreactor (OFB). The design is based on Oscillatory Flow Mixing (OFM), which has been studied in great depth over the years within the Polymer Fluids Group. The overall goal of his research is to apply OFM technology to develop a more efficient method of algal growth and CO2 sequestration, with one end product being biodiesel. The OFB is a laboratory benchtop reactor operated in batch mode and used to study algal growth as well as the reactor's intrisically unique fluid dynamics. However, the design has also been developed for eventual scale-up to a larger, continuous model.
I think his efforts will answer Anna Stephenson?s concern
Fri August 13 2010 09:52:12 AM by Aathmika 3 Algae oil  |  Anna Stephenson  |  OFM  |  Ben Taylor

Tax Concessions for Biofuels

Algal Biomass Organisation and its sister concerns have for long asked tax concessions favoring second generation bio fuels.
Subsequently a legislation has been introduced that would make algae and other second-generation biofuels eligible for cellulosic biofuels production tax credit and create optional investment tax credit.
This can help second-generation advanced biofuel projects make the crucial step to commercializing innovative technologies.
It will help improve the economy by creating jobs in the algae, advanced and cellulosic biofuels sectors.This is a much-needed boost by Congress
Tue August 03 2010 10:24:31 AM by Aathmika 1 Biofuel  |  tax  |  algae

Bio Crude in Demand

I read recently of OriginOil shipping its technology Quantum Fracturing to MBD Energy Limited of Australia.This I think is one of its early customers fetching it revenue in the algae scene.
Now I read of a Korean company wanting to buy bio crude from Petro Algae.
Korean renewable energy developer, Eco-Frontier has signed a non-binding offtake agreement to purchase biocrude produced through Florida-based PetroAlgae's micro-crop technology.
The agreement that the two companies signed means that Eco-Frontier is willing to establish a market in Korea and other areas for biocrude produced by the PetroAlgae system.
Fri July 30 2010 10:12:26 AM by Aathmika 1 algae  |  bio crude

Algae is the Holy Grail of Hydrogen Economy

OriginOil, a Los Angeles based algae oil technology company, issued a press release stating that they had developed a Hydrogen Harvester that cheaply collects hydrogen molecules given off by algae.

This announcement could prove significant for both the hydrogen and algae fuel sectors.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has been looking at various techniques to stimulate hydrogen production in algae. However, up until this point, most of these methods were in some way detrimental to the health of algal cell.

OriginOil's process, on the other hand, does not seem to harm the algae. In fact, their process allows the algae to produce oil, biomass, AND hydrogen simultaneously.

This breakthrough offers the potential to leapfrog both the hydrogen and algae industries forward. With OriginOil being an algae technology company and not an actual algae producer, whatever technology they create will be available to market to the industry as a whole.

Therefore, a discovery like this has the potential to be benefit not just one company, but the entire algae biofuel industry.
Fri July 30 2010 10:09:49 AM by Aathmika 2 hydrogen  |  algae

First Flight powered by 100% Algae Fuel

EADS maker of the Airbus and lots of defense and transport aircraft, has announced the completion of the first flight powered entirely by algae-based biofuel.
The DA42 used almost half a gallon less fuel per hour using the algae fuel than it would have had it been powered by kerosene-based jet fuel. What's more, the exhaust from the plane had an eight time lower hydrocarbon content, as well as lower nitrogen and sulphur emissions.
This only goes to show that biofuels are more fuel efficient in jet engines than petroleum based fuels.
Mon July 26 2010 06:41:27 AM by Aathmika 2 jet fuel

MacroAlgae -Goldmine

Harvesting and extracting algae is cumbersome and expensive.
The south east coast of Australia has huge amounts of ocean grown algae being dumped on its beaches reducing the labor of harvesting.

The South East is sitting on a green and smelly, goldmine of potential biofuel, according to researchers and experts in the field.

Piles of seaweed, which wash up on the shores from Port MacDonnell to Beachport and beyond, causing grief to locals along the coast disturbed by the pungent stench, could be used to create hundreds of jobs, generate billions of dollars and reduce Australia"s carbon footprint while leaving the beaches clean.
Sat July 24 2010 11:29:18 AM by Aathmika 2 Macroalgae

Cleaner Skies

Commercial airlines may derive 1 percent of their fuel by 2015 from biofuels made of plants including algae, Boeing Co.?s environment chief said.

Carriers including British Airways Plc and Continental Airlines Inc. are testing the carbon-cutting alternative fuels as the global air industry accelerates efforts to slash greenhouse-gases blamed for global warming.
Thu July 22 2010 02:08:10 PM by Aathmika algae  |  Biofuel  |  algae  |  jet fuel

A Greenhouse Move

I wondered What exactly is the significance of ExxonMobil and Synthetic Genomics move to 'Greenhouse' in search for algae fuel.This is what I read.

The greenhouse is intended to serve as a facility bathed in real sunlight (instead of indoor laboratory lighting), where scientists can work to identify?or genetically engineer?the particular algae that is best-suited to serve as a biological feedstock in the existing fuel production infrastructure. The next major milestone in the program would be establishing an outdoor test facility, a step the partners would likely announce about this time next year.
Wed July 21 2010 04:11:32 AM by Aathmika 1 algae growth  |  ExxonMobil  |  Synthetic Genomics

Green Plastics mahes Headway

Cereplast, a leading manufacturer of proprietary bio-based, sustainable plastics,made significant accomplishments that have been achieved in the past 12 months.
The Company expects to complete the development of its breakthrough technology for new algae-based resins and offer a first grade of Cereplast Algae Plastics(R) for commercial use by end of year.
Wed July 21 2010 03:56:44 AM by Aathmika 1 algae resin  |  Cereplat  |  algae plastic

Algae in the Arctic

An interesting look at Algae growth in Arctic conditions.
Tue July 20 2010 03:02:44 AM by Aathmika 1 algae