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Micro algae key to viable Bio Fuel 1

Professor Rene Wijffels and Dr Maria Barbosa of Wageningen UR in their perspective article An Outlook on Microalgal Biofuels in "Science" state that within 10 to 15 years, it will be technically possible to produce sustainable and economically viable biodiesel from micro-algae on a large scale. Technological innovations during this period should extend the scale of production by a factor of three, while at the same time reducing production costs by 90%.
n their article in Science (published 13 August), they provide a detailed explanation of the route that needs to be taken.
Their idea is to produce microscopically small algae in bulk in large-scale installations, They feel Europe should be able to become independent of fossil fuels in a sustainable way
Over the course of their article, the authors offer glimpses of how the algae industry could become feasible. Genetic engineering might yield more productive algae. Better design principles in algae fuel farms (stacking reactor units, for instance, for economical use of light) could squeeze out further efficiency. And replacing centrifugation with lower-cost harvesting methods could further improve the downstream economics. The article shows that with some design creativity, an aggressive research program, and the mindset of a relentless accountant, some 15 years labor could finally make a reality of that decades-old dream: sprawling fields of productive green goo.
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