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Algae-vegan's Omega-3 1

Algae is in great demand in the nutraceuticals market as it is rich in omega-3 now universally accepted as a valuable nutritional supplement.
However the demand for omega-3 has not grown considerably. A recent study by Frost & Sullivan could give us the reason for this.
Two of the biggest challenges still facing omega-3 acceptance in the United States are a lack of clear knowledge of its benefits and a perception that it brings a bad taste to food products, according to Frost & Sullivan.
These point to an urgent need for more efforts in taste R&D and consumer education in order to maximize uptake of the ingredient, which otherwise remains one of the most sought-after nutraceuticals, said the market researcher.
The level of awareness is expected to increase with the widening application profile of algal omega.
The vegetarian aware and vegan omega 3 consumer will now be able to afford the the same omega-3 health benefits and opportunities previously enjoyed only from animal-oils by now using algae oil.
If you are drinking milk alternatives, consider soy drinks that include flax seed products or DHA from algae oil.
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  • Fri August 13 2010 01:34:40 PM

    Post BP oil spill and the mumbai oil spill which much smaller in comparison, the demand for vegan Omega 3 will be on the increase.

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