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Algae brick 2

A team of Spanish and Scottish scientists have developed bricks which are more sustainable and stronger than traditional ones, as they see it as beneficial to use wool and a component of seaweed.
The experts, who are from the universities of Sevilla (Spain) and Strathclyde (Scotland), explained that these bricks do not require cooking, so as to prevent the emission of large amounts of carbon dioxide. In addition to being better adapted to climate extremes.
"The result of our search was a natural organic polymer obtained from the processing of certain species of marine algae that thrive in the oceans," said Carmen Gal?n and Carlos Rivera, from the University of Sevilla.
"Studies suggest that economic and environmental costs are favorable, both for the abundance of raw materials, such as the lack of complexity in manufacturing does not require sophisticated industrial systems", they added, according to BBC World News.
At present, these types of bricks are being used in pilot projects in Nigeria.
The scientists say the resulting natural polymer is completely biodegradable.
They also explained that the wool used in small proportion functions as an internal armor, which improves resistance to bending and drying.
The new bricks are genuinely profitable, although it is not a substitute for conventional bricks, at least at present, but simply a constructive alternative in certain applications, the researchers added.
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