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Volcanic Ash and Algae Blooms 14

On reading about the death of marine algae I was concerned about the effect on the food chain.
But the new pictures sent by NASA satellite shows fresh algae blooms off the coast of Ireland.
These could have developed as a result of the volcanic ash blown into the ocean from the eruption on Iceland.
The iron and nitrates in the volcanic ash deposited on the ocean surface has helped in promoting algae growth.
One cannot dismiss the importance of these minute organisms.
The phytoplanktons on the ocean are the foundation for the food chain in the ocean.Hence their disappearance would adversely affect the food we eat.
These also serve in reducing the carbon emissions;they absorb the carbon di oxide in the air and on dying sink to the ocean's bottom where they remain for centuries thereby locking the carbon for a long period of time.
When their numbers decrease they can do less for global warming.
So the Icelandic eruptions may have disrupted your travel plans, played havoc with airline schedule but they are playing a part in fighting global warming.
Tue August 24 2010 06:53:21 AM by Veronica phytoplankton  |  algae bloom  |  volcanic ash 2106 views

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  • Aathmika wrote:
    Tue August 24 2010 07:36:50 AM

    Phytoplankton are the foundation of the ocean food web and are critical to the health of nearly everything that lives there.

    They contain chlorophyll to perform photosynthesis and turn sunlight into energy which feeds their predators, and their predators? predators, all the way up through the food chain to large fish, mammals and birds such as sharks, sea lions and penguins.

    I wish I could see some pics taken by NASA.
    Thanks Veronica for the post.

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  • Bhaskarmv wrote:
    Tue August 24 2010 08:18:50 AM

    Very good photos of algal blooms are available on -

    Also go to - http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov and search for Algal Blooms.

    All algae is not good.

    Cyanobacteria are not good food and they cause dead zones.

    Dinoflagellates are food for jelly fish rather than useful fish.

    Diatoms are the most useful algae.

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  • Aathmika wrote:
    Tue August 24 2010 03:07:39 PM

    Thanks Bhaskarmv

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