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Algae Fuel to Algae Foods? 1

Algae means biofuel to most minds; but of late algae companies are looking at the food market linked with algae.
There are several reasons for this.
Firstly the price of fossil fuel crude keeps fluctuating.
Secondly a vast majority of biofuel startups have encountered difficulty in getting past the experimental stage. Range Fuels, Mascoma and others have delayed plants because of a lack of available capital. Others, like algae pioneer GreenFuel Technologies, which raised over $70 million, went under. Large oil producers like ExxonMobil have invested in biofuel start-ups, but have yet to commit to full-scale production agreements with them.
Solazyme, an algae leader is selling algae oil to the cosmetic and food industry;Cobalt Biofuels has started supplying biobutanol to the chemical industry.
Now Aurora will put a strong emphasis on growing algae for omega-3 fatty acids and proteins for the dietary supplements market. It will also sell cell mass as animal feed.
Is this a stop gap market to keep the algae cos afloat till breakthrough occurs in algae oil production?
Wed August 18 2010 07:34:46 AM by Veronica Algae oil  |  omega-3  |  solazyme  |  Aurora 1625 views

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  • Rolivier79 wrote:
    Wed August 18 2010 01:26:39 PM

    what if I told you i know of an organism that can eat all the algae that is blinding your gravity filters and then that organism could be fed to chickens. I'm looking for a dha high algae, so the DHA can bioaccumulate in the organism to then enrich the eggs of the chickens. No need to concentrate and dry the algae anymore just harvest the organism. has anybody done such before?

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