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Algae Blooms on Desert Dust 1

Biologists from the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research have demonstrated that desert dust promotes the growth of algae. Scientists had already assumed that the iron in desert dust stimulated algal growth, but this has now been demonstrated for the first time. The researchers have published their findings in the December issue of the Journal of Phycology.
Recent dust storms in Australia (set off by climactic changes) could produce some mitigating effects on global warming. The dust was blown up by gail force winds ripping through the Australian Outback. It was then blown to the Eastern Coast and eventually onto open ocean. These arid topsoils are rich in iron, and when that iron settles offshore it will provide nutrients for sea life.
?It?s been pretty well established that if iron is available, then it will lead to phytoplankton blooms,? Heiko Daniel, lecturer in agronomy and soil science at the University of New England, said to Bloomburg. ?And they take up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.?
When viewed from a greater perspective it could be said that this is perhaps a great balancing act on the part of the planet.
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