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Methane Powered Charisma

Okay, this is more for fun than anything else, but here's a small bit from a recent OPRAH website column:

How Charismatic Are You? By Howard S. Friedman, PhD O, The Oprah Magazine  | From the October 2010 issue of The Opera Magazine Here's the "setup" Dr. Friedman says: It's not hard to pick out the most magnetic person in the room, and it's easy to spot the shrinking violet in the corner. But most of us exist somewhere between those two extremes. Take this quiz to determine where you fall on the charisma scale. 

For each statement, 1 = "not at all true of me" and 9 = "very true of me." Okay, so I took the quiz.  Nothing terribly revealing, at least not obviously, not "did you hate your mother or murder your father or both?" type of questions.  (Those are the kind of "trick" question where I like to provide only two check box answers, "Yes", or "Not yet", but that's just me.) Anyway, here's what Dr,. Howard S. Friedman told me when I had finished his little quiz. Your score indicates your level of charisma, or in psychological terms, how well you express yourself nonverbally. In my 25 years of research on the subject, I've found that the most alluring individuals can effortlessly communicate without words—through expressions, gestures, tone of voice, and other subtle signals. Your Score 66

You have a hard time going unnoticed. You are one of the lucky few (only 5 percent of people score above 60) with that uncanny ability to light up a room. You probably have some experience as a performer, and are especially expressive and sensitive to others. For a second opinion, if you ask my wife, my most entertaining feature is the amount of methane I produce at the most inopportune moments.  She laughs every time.  She would, no doubt, recommend that most, if not all, of my visits be via telepresence, Skype or satellite linkup.
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