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Algae.Tec set to make debut 1

Algae.tec (http://www.algaetec.com.au/) has signed a MoU with Manildra, an ethanol producer to try out an algae-production plant at Nowra, Australia. The company hopes to begin production by 2012. The plant will use an enclosed algae production method, enabling lower water and land consumption, said Roger Stroud, Algae.tec's executive chairman. 

The company will target the diesel, blended petrol and ethanol and green markets for jet fuels.

Algae.Tec has also signed a MoU withPacific Minerals, a Hong Kong company and RKD International, a Hong Kong based comoany for the establishment of a Chinese joint venture.

More information from here - http://bit.ly/hYb3hJ

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