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Originoil's Electro Water Separation - 7 years ago

Originoil, has recently claimed that the company has deveoped a breakthrough algae harvesting process - Electro Water Seperation (EXS). This process is said to rapidly and efficiently remove organic ...- more

Algae Harvesting using Dissolved Air Floatation - 7 years ago

One of the biggest problem in algae biofuels commercialization lies in the process of algae harvesting. This post features a technology which has been used by the University of California. ...- more

Iowa Researchers Use Ultrasonics for Improved Biofuel Production - 7 years ago

David Grewell, associate professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering and Center for Crops Utilization Research (CCUR) and BioCentury Research Farm affiliate, and his research team are using ultrasound to enhance ...- more

Bacteria helps Algae, Algae helps bacteria - 7 years ago

Aquanos’ technology ,an Israel-based company involved in waste water purification, uses the symbiotic relationship between bacteria and algae  in its treatment process. Bacteria supplies carbon dioxide to the algae, algae provides oxygen ...- more

"Marine Phytoplankton Most Important Plant In the World " says NASA - 7 years ago

According to NASA and other scientists, marine phytoplankton could be the most important plant in the world as it provides the earth with over 90% of it’s oxygen. Marine phytoplankton  ...- more

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