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Has the Big Time Finally Come for Startups?

VCs and startups have complained that the biofuels industry has been stranded by indifference from the majors.
That has changed.
Shell and Cosan SA Industrio and Comercio, the world's largest sugar producer, finalized a multi-billion dollar joint venture today for biofuel.
VCs have put in billions into biofuels over the last six years with nothing  to show . 
 Range Fuels and Mascoma have had to delay production and everyone has suffered from a swoon in oil prices.
 To generate revenue in the short term, many have diversified into green chemicals or food.
Algae specialist Aurora Biofuels, for example, is undergoing a transformation from a fuel company to one that will specialise producing oils for omega-3s. 

Granted, the whole thing could devolve into an oil company accounting game. For all you know, it could  remain landlocked in Brazil. 

However, on the face of it, it looks like there is a new, well-funded biofuel venture in the world with an eye toward commercialization.

Others may follow. I mean other oil companies may follow. And in turn, these new ventures with their fossil fuel funds could start to select  biofuel startups as partners.

There is no doubt, that a large sum of funding has to come from  oil companies. If a race starts among them, the funding will start in earnestness and researchers would rush in to algal oil.

But I still insist that the experts and leading limelights have a very important role to play when they predict the future of the industry.

The best they can do is to stay non committal.

After all no one knows when a great idea can come about and become commercialised. 

Agreed the Road map of Algae by DOE, doesnt give any figure / numbers till the year 2022. 

Sad. So much for pessimissm.

Thu August 26 2010 05:04:54 AM by Shankar funding for algae 1571 views
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