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Solid-Liquid Separation Equipment by AlterE Technolgies

AlterE Technologies' new Solid-Liquid Separation (SLS) Lab Model will provide researchers with a tool to evaluate processing possibilities for separation of materials into valuable products and by-products. 

This advancement is important to researchers in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, algal, food, waste, and chemical processing industries. 

The SLS equipment uses minimal pressure differentials (low-energy) by utilizing multiple belts to facilitate separation using adhesion and cohesion to contacted materials and liquids.

Utilizing lower energy for concentration or separation can protect valuable constituents otherwise destroyed by harsher separation technologies.

"Our SLS technology opens the door to a wide range of low-energy solid-liquid separation applications with industrial potential. We have developed the SLS Lab Model for researchers in all fields, allowing the identification of new methods and processes in the lab that lead to greater success in production environments,"said AlterE Founder and CEO Ross Youngs.

Orders for the SLS Lab Model are now being taken with delivery beginning November 2010. The base price of the unit starts at less than $50,000 and fits on a bench top.  Application specific options include wet material removal system, moisture sensing equipment and a dehumidification module. 

AlterE's Solid Liquid Separation (SLS) technology received a merit award through the Department of Energy's highly competitive ARPA-E program. 

The SLS Lab Model is one of the project's milestone achievements in development of the low energy materials processing. "ARPA-E was created specifically to foster research and development (R&D) of really high-risk, high-reward, disruptive technologies," stated Dr. Arun Majumdar, Director ARPA-E, DOE.
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