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Pater Company Profile

Comapany Name :Biog Ltd
Comapany Website :http://www.biog.as
About Company : We provide a variety of Engineering services & facilitates system proposals, Plant assessment, Projects and Contract
Management as well as complete Turn-Key Installation, Commissioning, Packages for the following areas:

1. Solid Waste treatment utilization - (Waste to Energy ? Gasification) - (BioWaste - Biogas)

2. Energy recovery and reutilization from waste ? Biogas ? Biodiesel ? Bioethanol

3. Modification and improvement in the basic designs of current systems to reduce fuel consumption, reduction in power consumption by improving operational parameters and procedures.

4. Make use of non conventional, renewable energy sources for utilization and development of new technologies and systems ? Hydrogen ? Fuel Cells ? Micro CHP (Combined Heat and Power Production)

5. Design, Manufacturing, installation, testing and commissioning of solid waste treatment equipments like Incinerators, Autoclaves, Sterilizers, Shredders and Other tailor made electrical/mechanical equipments required for

6. Manufacturing of Biogas or other fluid storage tank or vapor pipeline protection: Sediment Traps, Foam Seperator, Roof Manhole Cover, Sample and Gauge Hatch, Vent-to-Atmosphere, Pipe Away, Horizontal & Vertical Flame Arresters, Automatic ?Manual-Electrically Actuated Drip Traps, Flame Trap Assembly, Pressure Relief Vent, Manometer, Back Pressure Check Valve, Flame Checks, Waste Gas Burners and Pressure Relief and Flame Assembly.
Contact Us :Tel: 004797521288
Fax: 004770179041
Email: post@biog.as
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