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Algae world congress Dec 6 1

Details of Day one is given below.for more details, go to the url given.
9amKeynote session: Capitalizing on algae biotechnology for fuel Drivers for biofuel demands ? climate change, energy independence, and peak oilLeveraging global clean tech initiatives and assessing potentialfor algae fuel and byproductsIs algae the answer to achieving greater oil independence?How new legislation will impact algae?s investmentMr Daniel H. Miller,Managing Director, Roda Group9.30amKeynote panel session: Algae?s investment outlook in fuel, pharmaceuticals and chemicals Evaluating algae?s competitiveness compared to other biofuelsIdentifying infrastructure requirements (including distribution, utilization, and resources) to support the algae industryUsing algae to reduce carbon pollution and save on operating costsDr Anthony Marchese,Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State UniversityDr Al Darzins,Applied Science Principal Group Manager, National Renewable Energy LaboratoryMr Riggs Eckelberry,President and Chief Executive Officer, OriginOil10.15amSpeed networking Meet peers and establish new relationshipsin one powerful, ?quick-fire? speed networkingsession. Be sure to bring plenty of businesscards.10.55amMorning refreshment break GOVERNMENT INITIATIVES IN DRIVING ALGAE INVESTMENT11.15amPanel session: Government?s role as cheerleader and industry promoter Identifying available government grants, loans, and payment programsTax incentives for green and sustainable practicesGovernment?s classification of algae compared to other biofuels and the impact on future private investmentIdentifying partnership models and investment approachesDr. Valerie Sarisky-Reed,Acting Program Manager, Biomass Program, Department of EnergyMs Roya Stanley,Director, Iowa Office of Energy IndependenceMr Chris Cassidy,Acting Chief, Business Specialty Lenders Division, Energy Branch, Rural Development, US Department of Agriculture INVESTING IN ALGAE12pmPanel session: Investment strategies for venture capitalists, private equity firms, and hedge funds Understanding the US investment climate and gaining traction on profitable sectors and marketsWhere is the focus in biofuel investments?Identifying key drivers in algae investmentUnderstanding algae investment frameworks and expected returnHow should biotech companies collaborate with VCs to move their technology to the next level?Addressing critical regulatory issues and their impact on algae?s investment outlookMr Steven Goldby,Partner, VenrockMs Annie Hazlehurst,Associate, Draper Fisher JurvetsonMr Giacomo Marini,Founder and Managing Director, Noventi Ventures12.45pmNetworking lunch2.15pmCapitalizing on transportation, chemical and oil & gas industries? existing knowledge and needs Identifying key investment trends from end usersLong-term and short term expectationsIs algae-fuel a viable alternative for aviation and automobile biofuel and biodiesel?End-users? perspective on algae fuel?s usage ? can it be a commodity?What venture capitalists can learn from end-user investment strategiesDr Mark R. Edwards,Professor, Strategic Marketing and Sustainability, Arizona State UniversityMr Steven D. Barker,Director, Technical Fuel Services and Standards, Air Transport Association (ATA)3pmAfternoon refreshment break BUILDING A PROFITABLE ALGAE BUSINESS3.30pmPanel session: Financing techniques to grow your algae business Identifying key value drivers in the algae industryCapitalizing on algae byproducts: strategies for short-term returnsRequirements, advantages and disadvantages of working with investment banksThe pros and cons of debt financingWhat algae producers can expect from M&A- benefits and strategies for a successful completionMr Dan Green,Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Infield CapitalMr Timothy Keating,President , Keating Investments, LLCMs Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones,Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Live Fuels Inc.4.15pmUsing partnerships to bring your business to the next level Understanding common issues and challenges and identifying partnership opportunities in the algae value chainPros and cons of strategic and financial partnershipsExamining and tackling common challenges when forming partnershipsPerforming a thorough due diligence to ensure a successful partnershipIdentifying risk management strategiesDeveloping an investment alliance model that delivers the highest returnsMr William D. Lese,Managing Partner, Braemer Energy VenturesDr Craig Smith,Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Algenol BiofuelsMr Gabriel de Scheemaker,Chief Executive Officer, Cellana, LLC 5pmCase study: Building a profitable pharmaceutical-based algae business Using algae as a way to cut costs of complex protein production, including recombinant for human therapeutic proteinsDeveloping human antibody and antibody fusions as targeted cancer drugsExpected ROI timeline ? a forecast of development progressPotential outlook for private investment and returns in pharmacological algae productionDr Stephen Mayfield,Director and Professor of Biology, San Diego Center for Algae Biotechnology (SD-CAB) and University of California, San Diego
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