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Algae biodiesel univ project seeks partners ! 1

An interdisciplinary student team is being organized to write a proposal to fund a 2011-2012 capstone research/design project for experimental testing and design of a facility to grow algae and convert it into biodiesel fuel. The facility would be located at the DANC landfill in Rodman NY, where there is currently a supply of waste heat that can be used effectively for the production process.
The proposal will be submitted to the EPA P3 student design competition and is due December 15. If funded, we will be awarded $15,000 for the first year of the project. Clarkson University has had significant success with this competition in the past. Last year's teams both received Phase II awards for $75,000 each. These funds are currently being used to construct pilot greenhouse and anaerobic digester facilities for further research and development in this area.
The EPA P3 program requires that students address the technical, environmental, business and social aspects of the proposed project. Thus, an interdisciplinary team is required that includes students with an expertise or a willingness to learn aspects of algae biology, chemical engineering reactor design, facility design, financial analysis, or greenhouse gas emissions etc.
This team is advised by Professors Susan Powers and Michael Twiss and is supported by Clarkson's Institute for a Sustainable Environment and the SPEED program.
 Both graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to participate. An information meeting will be held Wednesday October 20, 6:30 pm in Rowley 223. Contact either Prof. Powers (sep@clarkson).edu or Twiss (mtiss@clarkson.edu) for more information.
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