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Algae producer LakeMaster to co-locate with Northern Biodiesel 26

In the US algae producer LakeMaster Corporation is to co-locate within the refinery of energy company Northern Biodiesel (NBI), based in Ontario, New York. 

NBI is currently converting grease and oil derived from animal and vegetable sources into ASTM certified biodiesel. In the future LakeMaster will produce lipid oil from algae as a feedstock for the NBI refinery. 
LakeMaster is also due to start the construction of a demonstration facility where it will grow algae for the production of 10,000 gallons of lipid oil a year. This will be piped directly to the NBI refinery for processing into biodiesel. 
'We intend to be part of the green crude revolution and produce as much as 200,000 gallons of algae lipid for our partners at North Biodiesel,' said Bill Alexander, president of LakeMaster.
By 2012 LakeMaster and NBI intend to collaborate on the installation of an algae-to-biofuel system that captures CO2 from coal-fired power plants. 
We get the CO2 we need to grow algae and the power plant avoids potential penalties for expelling their greenhouse gas, Alexander explained.
 He continued:  LakeMaster will grow and produce algae to lipid oil on site and NBI will refine the lipid to diesel fuel in an integrated system.
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  • Ranjini wrote:
    Fri October 22 2010 03:25:59 AM

    While some people write off co location of an algae culture with a coal/ cement plant, corporate actvity is happening in different parts of the world.

    What is happening in the nights? How is the CO2 being consumed and CO2 if not consumed, where is it being released ?

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