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Algae Aqua Culture Technologies gets a grant

Algae Aqua Culture Technologies (AACT) was awarded $350,000 to develop a commercial-scale algae greenhouse that will convert waste wood chips into an organic fertilizer near Columbia Falls. The company has developed a process to convert biomass and waste gases into alternative energy and organic fertilizer. 
The proposed AACT project involves growing algae in a 5,500 square-foot greenhouse at the Stolze Lumber yards. A two-stage anaerobic digester process is planned to produce methane gas, which will be burned along with wood waste for mechanical power in the mill. Biochar from wood waste combustion and waste from the algal processes will be used to make an organic fertilizer co-product.
Thu September 02 2010 03:31:53 PM by Natalia algae cultivation  |  aact 1795 views
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