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An algae project in Hawai 2

When Royal Dutch Shell and HR biopetroleum come together, the size of the project will be large.
They have got a funding of $ 9 M from the Gov.

West Hawaii, with abundant
sunlight, consistent weather
and a reputation as a major algae-
farming hub, was a logical
place for testing algae-growing
and harvesting techniques.
Wed August 11 2010 10:59:38 PM by Natalia hawai  |  shell 1701 views

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  • Jacintha wrote:
    Thu August 12 2010 10:53:23 AM

    The project also aims to sell the crushed algae as fish or animal feed

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  • Natalia wrote:
    Thu August 12 2010 03:12:15 PM

    Hawai is the ideal place for algae.
    Semi arable land. marine water.

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