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Algae-based CO2 sequesteration- Updates from Origin Oil and MBD Energy

Origin Oil, together with power utility and coal miner MBD Energy (Australian-based company)  have completed a pilot project to grow algae from CO2-rich flue gas from a coal-fired power plant and then convert the resulting biomass to oil and commercially valuable byproducts.

 The project took place under a licensing agreement under which both companies have shared  intellectual property.

Origin Oil has developed a one-step separation process, allowing quicker and more cost-effective oil and biomass extraction.

 As a result of the success of the pilot project, MBD Energy is seeking to add algae production to three of its power plants in Australia.

According to the company, each of these projects has the potential to grow to 80 hectares in size, producing 11M litres of oil for plastics and transport fuels, and could capture up to 50% of each power plantís flue-gas emissions.

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