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MiaFranceska's Notes

Innovations in Photobioreactor Design - Link - 9 years ago

What people should be most concerned about, however, is a recent study from the University of California, Davis. The study predicts the global oil supply will run out a full 90 years before the supply of alternatives is sufficient to meet demand unless there are major changes in biofuels policy. - 10 years ago

I understand that John Benneman was carrying a placard which read " Abandon Hope " in the 3rd Algae World summit in Singapore ! Is that right !! - 10 years ago

House sent an unmistakable message of support to the hundreds of companies, scientists, entrepreneurs and government agencies working to accelerate the development of algae-based fuels, which will create jobs, decrease emissionsand reduce nation%u2019s dependence on imported fossil fuels Mary Rosenthal - 10 years ago

Jason Pyle of Sapphire Energy said opening incentives up to algae biofuel projects will mean jobs for states including New Mexico and California. - 10 years ago

Corn-based ethanol, the first viable biofuel, produces just two-thirds as much energy as gasoline and corrodes pipelines and car engines, says Anthony Marchese, a mechanical engineering professor at Colorado State University. - 10 years ago

We also have a future plan to create algae plastic made of 100% algae component abandoning any reliance on fossils fuels. Cereplast - 10 years ago

"Why make a $2 fuel when you can make a $5 chemical?" Cobalt Technologies CEO Rick Wilson - 10 years ago

Market value of Algae biofuels is estimated to be $271 million in 2010 and will grow to over $1.6 billion by 2015. Over 5 times in 5 years !!!!! - 10 years ago

' Algae for fuels', Wolfson recalled. "It sounded completely ridiculous and extraordinarily fascinating. I thought it was the most creative idea in the world." - 10 years ago