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Matthew Caspari to run Aurora Algae, Australia ! 6

The Australian managing director and Aurora Algae co-founder Matthew Caspari will run the new office and oversee the construction and operation of Aurora Algae's first commercial-scale facility in the north-west.

As we searched for the ideal location of our first commercial production facility, we identified a number of key factors that were critical to delivering maximum value from our high-tech farming process," said Mr Caspari.

"The combination of a perfect climate and the right blend of resources -- including abundant seawater, industrial CO2 and skilled labour -- made Northwestern Australia an ideal location for our initial, high-yield commercial facility,""he said.

"These elements combined with the outstanding support of the Australian government at all levels, makes Perth a perfect launching point for commercializing our technology."

Aurora Algae employs 13 people in Australia already and intends to more than double its staffing numbers by the end of the year.

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