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Botryococcus braunii 8

Note: Though B. braunii can be potentially used as a biodiesel feedstock, the processes required are relatively complex when compared to other algae species that are "ready-made" for the biodiesel processing.

Botryococcus braunii (B. braunii, Bb) is one of the most exciting and prized algae species with regards to the potential for production of biofuels. Unlike many other species of algae which require, in some form, the extraction of oil found with the cells, Botryococcus braunii secretes its hydrocarbon oils outside of the cell wall for easy collection. Additionally, up to 86% of its dry weight can be composed of long chain hydrocarbons.
Botryococcene oil, the major oil of B. braunii, is a triterpene, and therefore cannot be easily used to make biodiesel. It can, however, be used to produce many fuels. Most interestingly, it can be directly used as feedstock for hydrocracking in an oil refinery for the creation of standard gasoline (octane), kerosene and diesel.
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  • Wed May 05 2010 01:19:22 PM

    However, one of the biggest challenges to overcome with B. braunii is the difficulty of its cultivation and its growing time. Its doubling time is about some days.
    That is why all the researchers who work with B. braunii should join efforts to overcome the growing barriers that prevent the exploitation of the full potential of this species, both optimization in work conditions and culture media, genetic engineering and improved extraction techniques.


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  • Fri May 07 2010 05:39:14 AM

    It is all about cost effectivity. the solution can be reached with mathematics.

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