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Astaxanthi - Antioxidant 4

Astaxanthin has highly deposited in algae especially microalgae. The species Haematococcus pluvialis is rich in Astaxanthin. Natural Astaxanthin is highly needed in market when compared to synthetic.We can extract it using fermentation. Having goodscope in pharma, cosmetics biomarkers etc.,
Wed May 05 2010 08:57:05 AM by Kumar Haematococcus pluvialis 1916 views

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  • Dhanya wrote:
    Thu May 06 2010 06:24:07 AM

    Hi Mr. kumar,
    I saw that u are interested in algae products. Could you just help me in getting the names of afew companies in India where algal cultivation is done in large scale for commercial purpose like beta carotene or any other algal products?

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