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SRI takes over DOE Aquadic Species Program Open Ponds Facility 62

?Because of the assistance funded through NMSBA, SRI is now perfectly positioned to become a national leader in algae research.? ?Joe Ortiz
Sustainable Resources, Inc. (SRI), via president Joe Ortiz, is working to employ a solar powered kinetic pump to convert brackish water into fresh water, a process also known as desalination. In 2008, Ortiz obtained a long-term lease on the former Roswell National Desalination Facility to test SRI?s pump. When Ortiz discovered the Roswell Desalination Plant had also functioned as the U.S. Department of Energy?s Aquatic Species research center, he wanted to learn more about the potential applications of algae growth for water purification and Biofuel generation. His idea was to develop the facility into a business incubator for research, development, and commercialization of those technologies, now named Sun Harvest Proving Grounds.
Fri April 16 2010 11:01:15 PM by JoeOrtiz 4357 views

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  • Sat April 17 2010 12:45:17 AM

    The idea would be to come an learn how to produce and take back knowledge and equipment. Joe

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  • Narsi wrote:
    Sun April 18 2010 02:24:42 AM

    Your work on solar-powered pumps in desalination plants could have potential in countries like India as well - for instance, I live in Chennai, what has a large sea shore as well as large water problems, and there a number of desalination plants already operating in Chennai. Will be good to be updated on this... OK send email to Joe@SRIglobal.oeg and I will send updated info. JOe

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  • Narsi wrote:
    Sun April 18 2010 02:25:34 AM

    @ RHTIPPENHAUER - That's really a good question...if such technologies could start benefitting disaster-struck countries such as Haiti, nothing like it!

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  • FDBECKETT wrote:
    Sat April 24 2010 12:13:23 PM

    Does anyone know of what happened to the vertical growth program that Valcent Technology was developing? They have moved operations to England and are doing food growth with the vertical technique but the developer had some very interesting statistics about the algae growth using the technique.

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  • JoeOrtiz wrote:
    Tue April 27 2010 02:55:36 AM

    I would post the Valcent question on
    www.algaeindustrymagazine.com editor David he's a great source for info.

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  • Manohar wrote:
    Thu April 29 2010 04:49:51 AM

    Joe !
    If you can answer the India specific question in the blog - it will be useful to people like me.

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