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Attendance of World Algae Conference in CA?

Are any of the members attendingthe world algae confernce in CA on May 17-19? I am trying to determine if we should set a meeting up if enough are attending the conference?
Please post to see if this is worth while. Joe Ortiz
Sat May 08 2010 03:03:54 PM by JoeOrtiz 1

Looking for interns/lab techs to work at Sun Harvest Proving Grounds

SRI is now accepting applications for interns /lab techs / and open pond managers. This is a teaching / research facility (DOE Aquadic Species Open Pond Program)
Sun Harvest Proving Ground.
Tue May 04 2010 01:07:55 PM by JoeOrtiz 4

SRI takes over DOE Aquadic Species Program Open Ponds Facility

?Because of the assistance funded through NMSBA, SRI is now perfectly positioned to become a national leader in algae research.? ?Joe Ortiz
Sustainable Resources, Inc. (SRI), via president Joe Ortiz, is working to employ a solar powered kinetic pump to convert brackish water into fresh water, a process also known as desalination. In 2008, Ortiz obtained a long-term lease on the former Roswell National Desalination Facility to test SRI?s pump. When Ortiz discovered the Roswell Desalination Plant had also functioned as the U.S. Department of Energy?s Aquatic Species research center, he wanted to learn more about the potential applications of algae growth for water purification and Biofuel generation. His idea was to develop the facility into a business incubator for research, development, and commercialization of those technologies, now named Sun Harvest Proving Grounds.
Fri April 16 2010 11:01:15 PM by JoeOrtiz 62