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Florida Energy and Aerospace Technology Park 1

The Florida Energy and Aerospace Technology Park

September 9, 2011. The City of Leesburg has announced plans for an innovative new technology park that has already drawn interest from several green energy and aviation companies that could create millions in new development and 600 or more jobs.

One part of the Florida Energy and Aerospace Technology Park proposed for 640 acres of city-owned property at County Road 470 and Florida’s Turnpike targets high-tech businesses that will work together to create environmentally friendly alternative power and fuels.

 The technology park represents a major step forward in Leesburg’s efforts to seek out economic development that complements the city’s current $20M electric smart grid project.

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  • JerryBond wrote:
    Mon February 20 2012 05:06:12 PM

    The City of Leesburg, FL. is in the planning stages of the development of the Florida Energy and Aerospace Technology Park (FEAT Park).   

    The city owns 3,300 acres southwest of the city adjoining the Florida Turnpike.  One of the city’s wastewater treatment facilities is located on the property.  We are searching for a wastewater-to-energy company and an algae-to-energy company that would be willing to bring their technology to Leesburg.  If your company, or a company you know, would be interested in partnering with the city, I would like to discuss the particulars with you.  

    Please contact me at your convenience.

    Jerry Bond, Project Manager

    Energy and Aerospace Technology Park

    423 737-3090



    501 W. Meadow St.
    PO Box 490630 
    Leesburg, Florida

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