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Korea-Philippines Algae-Bio-Ethanol Research Center 10

There is confusion in this project. 
The multi-million dollar bio-ethanol project that is to be put up in the province was allegedly not submitted for consultation with the previous Sangguniang Panalalawigan, and that the legislative body had been bypassed in the process. 
This has come up as among the contentious issues regarding the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) inked by former Governor and now Second District Congressman Erico Aumentado with the Korean firm Biolsystems Co. Ltd.more  http://www.theboholstandard.com/bnews.php?issue=183&s1=3128&s2=3130&s3=3139&s4=949&s5=3137&s6=&s7=952&s8=950&s9=&s10=&s11=&s12=951&s13=&s14=&s15=
Wed September 22 2010 04:51:15 AM by Jacintha korea  |  philipines  |  research 2156 views

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  • Greenoil wrote:
    Wed September 22 2010 01:11:44 PM

    The link refers to one million hectares in total for the purported bio-ethanol research center !

    One would wonder what is really behind the planning there ....

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