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Algae -Vegetarian Meat 2

A joint research project to extract food ingredients from algae is being started by Dutch organization TNO and industrial algae producer Ingrepro Renewables BV. The extracted ingredients are healthy vegetable oils and mostly proteins and could be used as a sustainable substitute for meat.
Ingrepro will take care of algae production and establishing the biorefinery process while TNO will create the technologies for extraction and refining the oil, proteins and carbohydrates and work on the ingredients? possible applications.

Per available technology, the use of algae as food ingredients will offer higher potential profits than its use for biofuel, as the biofuel from algea industry is still in early stages.
Tue August 10 2010 06:46:48 AM by Jacintha algae  |  meat  |  Ingrepro  |  TNO 1797 views

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  • Krupali wrote:
    Tue August 10 2010 01:51:07 PM

    Isnt it time, that algae is grown for the food value of it? Why is it not happening ? Is it lack of knowhow or lack of funding ?

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  • Larsyn wrote:
    Tue August 10 2010 04:40:24 PM

    What formulas are being used. Are they synthethic chemicals or organic. Whats to safe guard the public. Is the algae used GMO.

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