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Anyone interested in setting up a pilot plant in Augusta, then lets talk further. To my friends that want to market introduce their PBR, then one here on a small one or as a trailer mount would be a great way to start.
Sat July 03 2010 12:29:24 AM by George 1430 views

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  • DanielRaju wrote:
    Sat July 03 2010 05:17:03 AM

    Yes in August , I sh start the pilot plant.
    PBR what is the cost/hectere?
    I am doing open/ raiseway ponds


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  • Sat July 03 2010 06:02:13 AM

    Hi George,The water has to be sterile.
    Contamination and (the touchy subject of )hybrids allows only for closed PBRs.

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