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blue light scatter for faster growth in PBR, experimental
Sat August 28 2010 11:39:53 AM by George 1


Likes this blog post

Mon July 05 2010 12:27:52 AM by George 5


Anyone interested in setting up a pilot plant in Augusta, then lets talk further. To my friends that want to market introduce their PBR, then one here on a small one or as a trailer mount would be a great way to start.
Sat July 03 2010 12:29:24 AM by George 2

Number Three

In plant breeding introduction of sterility (polypoid) is one way to achieve the desired results of say a bigger flower or longer lasting flowering period. This genetic induction can be achieved in several ways- sometimes just basic breeding over time or other ways quicker through the use of radiation or chemicals, some highly toxic and others basicaly benign. Can algae be modified to make a oil producing 'monster' and if so is this legal and is anyone working along these lines?
Sat July 03 2010 12:26:14 AM by George

Number 2

Re the PBR's nutrient levels. If adequate space and other essentials are provided, then by adding nutients, basically Carbon-proteins such as cricket manure teas is production increased or enhanced or does this cause contaimination like in a tissue culture. How sterile the solution in the PBR have to be? I have intimite knowledge of an industrial size high-grade compost producing facility. Some of the greenish algae you ever saw is commonly in te rain puddles around the site, albeit probably not micro's.
Sat July 03 2010 12:20:47 AM by George

Introduction post

Thanks for all you new friends that clicked on me. I have been on a fast learning curve with this very exciting new field and hope I can contribute. I live in Augusta Ga which is on the Fall Line in the SE NA and along the Savannah River which when ranked according to size of drainage basin is the largest in the South on the east coast, so lots of water.

I have experience with 500 acre constructed wetl;and cell complex planted with rushes which is doing a magnificant job of cleansing our urban waste water to a level that ranks it as some of the cleanest in the US. I got onto algae when looking into using the rushes as boimass for co-genertion of power.

In talking to the PhD on site about algae he thought that feeding zooplanton the algae would concentrate it and thus reduce harvesting costs. That is plenty of good flat land here that could easily be made into a pond complex.
Sat July 03 2010 12:16:00 AM by George