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Bionic Products becomes Biocen Natural products (BNPD) 2

A change in the corporate management team, corporate name and mission statement are not the only things happening at Bionic Products.

It has become Biocen Natural Products. New president too.

One primary market for BioCen Natural is the Company's health drink division. By developing beverages to include three (3) highly-effective algae strains, Haematococcus pluvialis (Astaxanthin), Spirulina and Chlorella in BioCen's proprietary health drinks, the Company can deliver beverages that meet the daily nutritional recommendations and provide the body with powerful 'super' antioxidants."

Summarized below are the many health benefits of these highly-effective algae strains:

Haematococcus pluvialis (Astaxanthin): Antioxidant - Boost the Immune System

Many health applications for this strain include: cancer treatment and support, immune disorder, arthritis and heart disease. Because Astaxanthin contains a high class of carotenoids, fish, shrimp and crabs obtain their red coloring from this amazing algae.

Spirulina: Protein - Balance

Today, BioCen Natural utilizes Spirulina in its health drinks to quickly deliver high protein for a balanced system.

Chlorella: Detoxify - De-Stress

Chlorella is often used to alleviate hypertension, constipation, and premenstrual syndrome.

With sales in the nutraceutical and sport drink industries exceeding $6.2 Billion in the United States with projected annual growth of 10%, BioCen Natural has the capability and capacity to meet these industries' high demands to develop and introduce our unique proprietary and effective nutritional health beverages.
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